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Windows 8.1 RTM Permanent Activator v1.1 (New Update 2014)


Windows 8.1 RTM Permanent Activator. Windows 8.1 Activation 100% Working and Tested.


Windows 8.1 KMS Permanent Activator v1.1 is an KMS Activator that connects to an online KMS server and sends activation data back and forth attempting to activate volume versions of Windows.Windows 8.1 KMS Permanent Activator v1.0 was GREAT. Windows 8.1 KMS Permanent Activator v1.1 is even BETTER, SMALLER, FASTER. You should always check for the latest version before using. 


  • Auto Entering Serial.
  • Selecting the KMS server.
  • Background Activator v2 (New)
  • Auto Remove Watermark (New)
  • KMS activation (bottom constantly tries to find and servers for activation).
  • Inspired by the Metro UI.
  • Installing the Language Pack.
  • Rearm Windows (works in 8 too).
  • Auto Update Server. 

What’s new in v1.1:

  • Added Background Activator
  • Added new KMS servers.
  • Fixed issue with popups command.
  • Improved launcher background.
  • More bug fixes. 

What if it does not work:

  • Requirements: . NET 4.0 or Windows 8
  • Make sure it is running as Admin.
  • The KMS server may be slow, more servers will be included in future releases.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate KMS key that you need to install, more keys and automatic detection of OS will be added in future versions.
  • Error saying something about non-core, you are entering a key that is not for your version.
  • Do not use a proxy. 


  1. Extract the zip file or run the associated exe from file explorer.
  2. Run Windows 8.1 KMS Permanent Activator v1.1.exe as Admin
  3. Choose OS version.
  4. Choose KMS server.
  5. Run activator with a click on “Activate Windows” 



Download Windows 8.1 RTM Permanent Activator v1.1 (New Update 2014)




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  1. Thanks, only this has worked to activate my windows.


      Please could send me the activator? I am from Nigeria and the survey to complete is not availaible for my country

    • Thanks alot man!! It worked fine for me but does it stay forever ?

  2. Works to activate Windows8.1 Pro, thanks!

  3. Works on Windows 8.1 Enterprise, thanks!

  4. Tested on Windows 8.1 Pro WMC, works, windows is now activated.

  5. can you send me activator please, I can not download 8.1 activator v.1.0.exe

  6. Thanks for this!

  7. Works, thanks!

  8. Both links down…

  9. It says we need to complete a survey on both of the sites. I think this fake just for spamming people. Why don’t you upload it on a serious hosting?

    • This is a serious hosting, is not fake and i don’t spam. If i upload this program to free hosting will be all over the web.

  10. What is the password to extract Windows 8.1 Build 9600 Rtm Permanent Activator V1.0

  11. Works in Spain

  12. Thanks, works great!

  13. Thanks man!

  14. Thanks, works great!

  15. Thanks, works great!

  16. Thanks, works great!

  17. i download the update 8.1 from the market strore and try this activator it’s work
    i was have windows 8 pro with media center 64bit

  18. Worked with Windows 8.1 Pro x64. Thank you for this.

  19. windows 8.1 generic keys
    Core: 334NH-ZXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT
    Professional: XHV8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB
    Enterprise: MNDGV-M6QKV-DV4DR-CYY8X-2YRXH

  20. fantastic! anywhere say, not need 8.1 pro or enterprise for home users. core is enough, much smaller and much faster. but all specialists give activator only for pro and enterprise. curious? yes haha

  21. Worked for me, Windows 8.1 Pro X64 Volume License no WMC, (WMC breaks all current activator methods. They’re working on it.)

  22. lov u mate!!!

  23. The splendor of this Windows

  24. Works like charm. Thanks!

  25. thanks for activator

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