Facebook Account Hacker v3.0 (Updated 2014)

Facebook Account Hacker v3.0 (Updated 2014)

How does Facebook Account Hacker Work?

I don’t wanna go too deep into this but basically we use something called SQL injection. We find an exploit and inject our unique code in and retrieve the data from Facebook’s database. This program will trick the servers into thinking you are trying to log in. It will grab the data needed and decrypt the code. However that alone is a very long and tedious process. We ask you before using this to know your victims sign in email. It makes it much easier for the software to get your victims data only. The data is obviously encrypted and Facebook keeps on making them harder and harder to decrypt. In each patches Facebook pushes, they change their encryption method and our Facebook Account Hacker no longer works. This version will only last about a month before it’s patched. However, if you bookmark this page, we will update you on everything. [divider]

How use it?

  • Introduce a victim email adress
  • Click “Hack now!”
  • Receive the password!



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